Energy Efficient Rural Homes by Comfort Choice Homes

How is it Affordable & Comfortable

•  Its based on a Water Tight Foundation
•  Fully Insulated foundation & basement
•  Engineered thermal breaks to keep heat in and cold out in winter

"I've built many luxury homes over the years and working with Larry Mayer has really opened my eyes to better ways to build and make homes super comfortable. My daughters 7000 sq. ft. home's January heating bill was only $125. We're very happy with the comfort and quality of the house. I've now built three houses with Larry and more are planned."
John Gunkelman - Dakota Construction


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Passive House Certified Energy Engineer

What is an Energy Engineer? A person with multi skills sets from HVAC training, controls training, lighting design, electrical demand control design. This person generally is an engineer who is trained by association of energy engineers.



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