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Comfort Choice Homes Energy Saving Construction for Residential and Commerical Buildings

It Starts From the Ground Up...

An energy-efficient building starts with the foundation. By reducing the moisture infiltration and using the right insulation, you start on the path to 45-70% in energy savings!


Solution Design seals the concrete foundation wall by gluing on foam panels over a water-tight barrier. This stops upward and horizontal moisture migration into the walls and to your windows.

Specialized rigid foam is applied to the underside of the basement floor and perimeter footings. The structure’s exterior insulation separates the soil from the building, resulting in a 100% continuous dry thermal enclosure.

Applying an industrial poly barrier over the basement floor foam stops water and radon seeps, resulting in a healthier home.

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Is Continuous Throughout...


We use conventional 2 x 4 wall construction covered with special sheathing that is air-sealed. Our custom-designed 2.5” insulating foam panel is attached to the stud-wall over the sheathing. This has a front and rear side water drainage system to continue your building’s moisture protection. The foam panels’ R-12 value plus the stud-walls’ R-13 insulation gives you a superior total insulating value of R-25—well above standard construction grade.


All seams and corners are sealed in a continuous plane—from the foundation footing all the way to the roof—making your home extremely comfortable.

For a Superior Enclosure...

You have the ability to choose the siding you want for your home—cement board, vinyl, or cultured stone. Our foam panels and 16” on-center structural siding boards are specially engineered and fastened to handle any cladding.

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) completes our system design. The ERV provides fresh air exchange, helps prevent humidity issues and maintains balanced pressures inside the home.


How do we know your interior is completely air-sealed for your comfort? We complerte your home by using a blower-door performance test to ensure your home’s air-tightness and energy efficiency goals.

Solution Design System


Dean Tomlinson says: "My wife just raves about how comfortable their house is." They have a stain etched concrete floor which stays warm all winter without any floor heat and the girls walk around in bare feet all winter. The Tomlinson's moved into their 70% energy savings home in 2013. ( this house is one with the mini-van on the front page of CCH web site. Dean is a commercial pilot for Sanford Health Systems in Fargo, ND.

Ray Albrecht says: "We contracted with Larry Mayer to just do our basement, due to a tight budget. Now that we moved in we find the basement is the most comfortable room in the house. I wish we had done the whole house with Comfort Choice Homes" Albrecht's moved in to their new Harwood, ND. home in Fall 2015.

John Gunkelman of Dakota Construction says: "I've built many luxury homes over the years and working with Larry Mayer has really opened my eyes to better ways to build and make homes super comfortable. My daughters 7000 sq. ft. home's January heating bill was only $125. We're very happy with the comfort and quality of the house. I've now built three houses with Larry and more are planned."

Passive House Certified Consultant and Energy Engineer

What is an Energy Engineer? A person with multi skills sets from building envelope analyst, HVAC training, controls training, lighting design, electrical demand control design. This person generally is a field experienced engineer who is trained by association of energy engineers.

Top Key High Performance Factors

•Water tightness
•Air tightness
•Performance testing – now MN requirement
•Pre Construction design load analysis
•Use very high quality materials

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